About us


Chef Tyler Hansen and Oystercatcher founder Chef Susan Vanderbeek

Centrally located on Whidbey Island in Coupeville, the Oystercatcher has proudly served simply, good, food for more than 19 years. Chef Tyler Hansen and his team create a harmonious farm-to-table menu to showcase all that the island, and the region, has to offer. Historically the island provided an abundance of food, with the prairie serving as a sacred place for those who lived here. We honor that tradition at the restaurant today by working with the farmers who continue to keep that heritage alive on the island.

By taking weekly walks around the field with farmers, and picking fruit from a local orchard, Tyler and his team are able bring that experience to the table. The open kitchen is the center of the restaurant, and sets the tone and the energy for the dining experience. The tables wrap around the edges of the kitchen, and invite diners into the inner workings of the heart of the restaurant.

Creating the entire experience from scratch is what makes the restaurant tick. Fresh bread is baked daily, and the first wheat fields were harvested in September to mill for flour. Being involved with the growing process to the finished product on the plate is the passion that drives the kitchen and is evident in every bite. The Oystercatcher brings a little island life to the dining experience, making it a welcoming, elevated experience for locals and drifters to enjoy.