Our bread is also available at a number of retail locations on the island.
3 Sisters Market
The Star Store
The Goose Community Grocer
Payless in Freeland
And also available on the peninsula at the Port Townsend Co-op.

Our varieties include:  Rosemary Olive, Sourdough, Molasses Oat, Barley Walnut, Buckwheat, Ebey’s Reserve, Sprouted Wheatberry, Rye, and Cider Oat

Pre-order by calling  360-678-0683

You can also sign-up for a bread subscription. We have three different types, and deliver to a number of locations on Whidbey Island.

Full Subscription: A loaf a week for a year  $364

Half Subscription: A loaf a week for six months or every-other week for a year  $195

Fun-size Subscription: A loaf a week for 10 weeks  $75

Interested? Call 360-678-0683

Or send an email